Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sweet Little Things

Takenaka Hanbei in Gakuen Basara is pure MOE! :3

That aside, I went back home this Thursday because it is a holiday.

During the previous days, I got a few additions to my small collection of miniature food.

Disney Chara Meshi Mascot no. 12: Wagashi Dango (as I'd call it)

I'm fairly certain the skewered one is called Dango but not sure about the flat brown one.

"Oyakata-sama ~ let's make lunch and not war!"

Disney Mogu Mogu Oyatsu no. 1: Candy

"My name is Sanada Genjiro Yukinetta and I love Lollipops!"

Disney Mogu Mogu Oyatsu no. 6: Ice Cream

"Ohhh~an Ice Cream in the Sengoku period? This is why I love anachronism! X3"

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