Sunday, 20 June 2010

Toycon 2010 Day 1 and Toy Hauls

A Diva made of paper, creativity and love.

The notable cosplayers
(Sadly, I forgot to take a pic of the Siggy and Bayonetta cosplayers).

The badass guy from Ozine'fest cosplays as Shizu-chan again.

...and this time, he brought with him the shapely Dullahan.

Celty with a "student version" Shinra. XDDD

There's also another Shizu-chan cosplayer, a badass lady this time.

Sorubeido of PTK brings out the true essence of Toycon.

With a toy haul and corresponding cosplay.

One of the best male cosplayers is this 1/1 scale Edge Maverick "Play Arts action figure."

Complete with backlights and scabbard. :D

1/1 scale Final Form Sora with hard-to-find Play Arts Arms XDDD

The notable stuff

The Giant Leek.

The resourceful Suigintou "dollfie" made with tender Otaku love.

1/1 Scale Dan Kuso statue outside TK Megamall.

Figma Seto Sun. Haggled from Granpasengir. XDD

Square-Enix's very own Dyesebel.

...with slight resemblance to a certain Gackt-heartbreaker from VP
(Just that Sun is not plump XDD).

I always do "Yaoi" I'm not used to "Yuri" XD

I can't help but note how Cute resembles a crazed idol version of Edomae Lunar.

Kairi with D-Light Stitch.

Winry: Brotherhood repaint by Touya-Deity.

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  1. Saw that Suigintou "Dollfie" before, at Ozinefest 2010. Really looks like a Dollfie if viewed from afar; I had no idea she was made of paper. Cool!


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