For Sale

I'm willing to sell or trade these figures in exchange for the ones in my wishlist or for trade.
e-mail me at for your inquiries.
Please check back often for updates. 

For Sale
(Can also be for trade but their value is specific here and cannot be changed)

Bandai Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Swing (Complete Set of 5 with Paper Inserts) - 1000 php 

SEGA Prize Kaworu Nagisa - Center of Tokyo (Loose in Box, Complete) - 1000 php

SEGA Prize Sunday X Magazine Itoshiki Nozomu (Loose in Box, Complete) - 2000 php [ Very Rare! ]

SEGA Prize Sebastian Michaelis - Kuroshitsuji EX Figure (LIB, Complete) - SOLD/TRADED

Kotobukiya Ayane - Ninja Gaiden 1/6 Scale (Loose in Box, Complete) - SOLD/TRADED

Mirage Toys Kairi and Maleficent - Kingdom Hearts (Loose, Complete) - 1000 php

Re-Ment Ganso Cafe du Honey Choco Honey Toast and Coffee 1/7+ scale (WYSIWYG, with free tray) - SOLD/TRADED

Re-Ment Ganso Trattoria Arbelbello Pescatore 1/7+ scale (WYSIWYG) - SOLD/TRADED

Re-Ment Ganso Pizzeria Bambino Salmon and Asparagus Pizza 1/7+ scale (WYSIWYG) - 

Re-Ment Ganso Joy Luck Restaurant Char Siu Noodles 1/7+ scale (WYSIWYG) -