Will Buy

Items that I am currently wishing to have.

Offers are welcome and would be extremely appreciated. 

When offering item, please do not take advantage of my wishes by mimicking exorbitant E-bay prices. The more reasonable, the more appreciated. (I'll state what I mean by reasonable in my "Max offer price" but you can go slightly higher or lower).

Authentic items only please.  

Kindly send e-mail to gimel_epsilion@yahoo.com for your offers 

Thank you in advance! 

Please check back often for updates.

I will accept Loose in Box Condition (or even No Box!) as long as all accessories are intact and that the figures are undamaged. 

Max Factory Figma Hoshimura Makina (Shikabane Hime)
Max Offer Price: $40 = 2000 pesos

Max Factory Figma Seto San (Seto no Hanayome) 
[OBTAINED! Thanks to Granpasengir!]

Good Smile Company Nendoroid Mesousa (Pani Poni Dash!) 
Max Offer Price: $50  = 2500 pesos

Yujin SR-DXD Musubi (Sekirei)  
I've heard rumors this figure was canceled though. However, I am yet to prove it myself. 
...and if she really was released, Tifa Lockhart. Prepare to cry for obvious reasons. XDDD 
Max Offer Price: $60 = 3000 pesos 

Square-Enix Advent Pieces Cloud and Fenrir (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children)
This is the limited edition of 77777 pieces, Japan Exclusive with First Tsurugi Initial Form and Not-so-handsome face sculpt. 
Max Offer Price: $200 = 10000 Pesos (Cloud and Fenrir with Serial-numbered Keychain) or $350 = 17500 Pesos (whole box)

Yamato Variable Motion Figure Ryomou Shimei (Ikkitousen GG)
I want the original blue color of the maid uniform.
Max Offer Price: $40 = 2000 pesos

EB Craft Hyper Fate Collection Archer (Fate / Stay Night)
Max Offer Price: $50 = 2500 Pesos

EB Craft Hyper Fate Collection Saber Alter (Fate / Stay Night)
Max Offer Price: $60 = 3000 Pesos 

Kaiyodo Revoltech Yamaguchi Revy (Black Lagoon)
Max offer price: $15 = 750 Pesos

 Movic CLAMP in 3D Land Series 6 Ryuuzaki Umi 
Max offer price: $18 = 900 Pesos 

Movic CLAMP in 3D Land Series 7 Shidou Hikaru 
Max offer price: $18 = 900 Pesos

Movic CLAMP in 3D Land Series 8 Houji Fuu

Max offer price: $18 = 900 Pesos


Square-Enix Dragon Quest Legend Items Gallery vol. 3 Metal King Arms

Met King Shield
(I have no need for the Dragon Claw)
Max Offer Price: $10 = 500 pesos

Re-Ment Tea Time Collection 

I'd love a Complete Set of 13 
...or preferably the following if a complete set is not available:
no. 3 - Ryukyu Glass
no. 4 - Antique Japanese Glass 
no. 8 - Edo Cut Glass 
no. 9 - Crystal Collection 
no. 12 - Flower Field Set
Max Offer Price: $65 = 3250 pesos (set) or $6 = 300 each (preferred five)

Re-Ment Elegant Sweets

Only the following:
no. 3 - Jiggling Fruit Jellies
no. 5 - Artisan Sweets

Max Offer Price: $6 = 300 (each)

Re-Ment Disney Alice in Wonderland Mascot

Only no. 3 - Roll Cake / Cheshire Cake!

[OBTAINED! Thanks to LK Intrepid!]

Re-Ment Disney Vintage Tableware 
Only no. 12 - Tea Set: Mrs. Pots and Lil' Chip

[OBTAINED! Thanks to LK Intrepid!]

Re-Ment Candy House
Only no. 6 - Village Candy House 

Max Offer Price: $5 = 250

Re-Ment Fruits Wave
Only no. 8 - 100% Fruit Juice

Max Offer Price: $5 = 250

Re-Ment Merry Strawberry

Only no. 6 - Strawberry Garden

Max Offer Price: $6 = 300