Friday, 18 June 2010

My Collection

During my Friday Home Visit, I took some pics of my collection for self-motivational purposes and for a friend working at SM Manila.

Please click the images for larger view.

Bottom layer of my cabinet, consisting of Level 1 and 2.

Level 1, Side A: Kingdom Hearts stuff and Dragon Quest with upgraded weaponry.

Level 1, Side B: More Kingdom Hearts-ness and Square-Enix anime licenses.

(I forgot to take a shot of Level 2, Section A. Please click on the first image for that.)

Level 2, Side B: Final Fantasy VII continuation and Final Fantasy IX along with some petites.

Level 3, Side A: Final Fantasy X, XII, Cloudy Bikes and VMF Motoko.
(Sorry for that miniature booze but Auron and Meiko loves it XDD)

Level 3, Side B: Gabranth with babes. Lots of babes. :P

Level 4, Side A: Populated by Play Arts Kai and a VMF Reina.

Level 4, Side B: Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai. Vanille's Joke Weapon is intentional. :P

That's all.
Thanks for looking! :D

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