Thursday, 1 July 2010

Anti-Eclipse Play Arts Haul

Most Filipinos would rather waste their time to watch a stupid vampire film than to witness the new chapter of history in our country.

"Vampire Slayer" Edward ELRIC Mod (Play Arts c. 2004 + Ensky)

As for me, yesterday, I didn't gave a damn with either because the BSS and Lake Bresha kept me busy.

As I am STILL refusing to submit my very strong and loyal Otaku will to a worthless vampire trash,

I find myself making the already epic ELRIC brothers as a lot more pwnsome.

AND "Vegetarian" vampires? Totally Bullshat!

Why don't they go eat something as nice and healthy as this instead?

Moving on to the so-called "Real Anti-Eclipse Play Arts Overdose"


Let's see what we got ~

Biohazard V Play Arts Kai no. 1 Chris Redfield

The figure is screaming badass all over.

He's GAR and always ready to kill zombies (how about vampires this time?)

The face of a man full of conviction and not a single fear.

Biohazard V Play Arts Kai no. 2 Sheva Alomar

Nice weaponry + sexy tanned skin. No wonder she's instant win.

Don't just dig the babe. Dig the bloody background too.

Her joints look perfect for riding a bike.

...but which bike, hmm? :3

...and how about this big Cardboard thingy?

Final Fantasy XIII Play Arts Kai DX no. 1 Shiva's Bike

Not even the Instruction Manual didn't gave any details on how to make Snow ride -rather- bone it.

So it took us about an hour to figure out how to set up the whole thing.

Not to mention those damn twisty ties were a pain in the neck.

She's about 45cm long. It's like Fenrir plus half of the hardy-DAYTONA selling for double the price of either.

Now then, "Obligatory Top View" that screams he's literally more of a bike boner than a bike rider.

Who needs leather or nylon when you can have a cool babe seatbelt?

In the end, Snow can proudly say "Aku made, Playboy desu kara."

(I wonder what Serah will say about this though XD)

Before I forget to mention, check out this DIY Bart Simpson Qee that I got as a freebie :D

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