For Trade

For Trade

Their value is for negotiation but most likely their original SRP. You can still buy these items with cash; but of course, it would be better if you'd trade for these.
Sets cannot be broken. 
All items are pictured in their actual condition unless indicated as reference image. 

Comment or send an e-mail to for your inquiries.


(Loose, complete)

Bandai Figure Meister Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Nagato Yuki Idol ver.
(Loose, complete)

 Bandai HGIF Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Tsuruya-san Track Suit 
(Loose, complete)

Bandai Magical Canan Carmine and Cerulean Blue 
(Loose, Carmine is missing her black support rod)

Bandai Oja Majo Doremi (WYSIWYG, slightly dirty) 

Kadokawa x Megahouse Hinata Natsumi Powered Version 
(Loose, Complete) [ Very Rare!! ]

Kaiyodo Licca-chan aka: Loli blonde sleeping on a pile of books (Loose, Complete)

Kaiyodo Tenjho Tenge Figures: Emi Isuzu (vol. 1), Aya Natsume (vol. 2) and Chibi Maya (vol. 2) (Loose, Complete)

 Kodansha CLAMP no Kiseki Soel (White Pawn), Akira (White Knight) and Chii (White Rook)
Soel - Reference image

Mag Garden ARIA Aika, Akari and Carol 
(Loose, Complete) [ Very Rare!! ]

Omegavision Angel Elf Nurse (dunno the name)
(Loose, Complete)

SEGA Akihabara Denno Gumi Sakurajosui Suzume 
(Slightly leaning) [ Very Rare!! ]

SEGA Ayanami Rei swing 
(with chain and base)

Yujin Dejiko 
(Loose, Complete. One figure only. Alternate versions pictured.)

Yujin SR Crimson Tears Morrigan ver. Asuka 
(Loose, Complete)

 Yujin SR Zoids Gals Fiona
(Loose, Complete)


 Figma indoor shoes for male (WYSIWYG) 

Square-Enix Dragon Quest Legend Items Gallery Stone of Sunlight 

Square-Enix Dragon Quest Legend Items Gallery Sword of the Lone Metal Slime (WYSIWYG)


Banpresto Shaman King Keychain Yoh Asakura  
 Banpresto Shaman King Keychain Bokuto no Ryu  
FiguAx Cammy Bust-up

 Final Fantasy IV Trading Arts Mini Cecil Harvey 
(Loose, with base), Reference Image

Final Fantasy Keychains: Amarant, Locke and Celes (All with chains. No paper inserts).
Amarant and Celes - reference image. 

Final Fantasy Pencil Toppers: Black Mage, Tellah and Chocobo (Chocobo has slight paint chip)

Mc Donalds Dragon Ball Z Warriors 
Vegeta - 2 pieces available 
Son Gohan - 2 pieces available
Son Goku - 1 piece available

Super Saiyan Son Goku - 1 piece available (light function no longer working) 
Mc Donalds Uchiha Sasuke Light-up scroll 

 Mirage Toys Kingdom Hearts Air Soldier Action Figure 
(replaced the propeller) 

Pepsi Bottlecap G Gundam Domon Kasshu

Square-Enix Play Arts Action Figure Tidus 
(100% authentic. Repainted hair, has some broken but fixed joints. Will include sword and nothing else. Perfect for customization purposes).