My Collection

This is the current status of my so-called Play Arts Shrine.
This will be updated when I get a new Play Arts or Play Arts Kai figure.

This is a run-down of what the Cabinet looks like: 

I am already thinking of transferring the smaller ones (particularly that of the first level) to another display cabinet but I am currently planning it. For now, that.

Now, on to business.

Level One - Section A

Kingdom Hearts I figures with accompanying Mirage Toys figures plus some Kingdom Hearts II and all the Dragon Quest VIII figures with upgraded weaponry. 

I tried to be strict with the numbering but I guess the space at Section B would not permit so I placed King Mickey Valor next to Sora Valor Form and below King Mickey Organization XIII.

Level One - Section B

Continuing from Section A is more Kingdom Hearts II stuff plus some cool extras, notably Zero's Dog House Diorama (SEGA) and Santa Jack Skellington (Jun Planning) that accompanies Santa Sora.

There are also the classic Fullmetal Alchemist Play Arts Figures. 
Edward Elric looks like that because he is presented as a vampire slayer (pretty obvious why).

Level Two - Section A

Comprising of the first Volume of every Final Fantasy VII Play Arts assortment that Square-Enix had released.

Aerith's Mini Garden Diorama consists of appropriate Iwako Erasers. 

Level Two - Section B

The Second Volume of Final Fantasy VII assortments and Final Fantasy IX Play Arts Figures.

Noting the extras is a small poster of the Cloud and Fenrir Advent Pieces (which I still don't have), a small figure of Aerith, Solo (Dragon Quest IV Hero) and a classic figure of Queen Brahne (Bandai).

That green and red thing in Yuffie's feet is a Haro and a Bakugan (Meteor Dragonoid) respectively. 

Level Three - Section A

The first volume of Final Fantasy XIII and Chris Redfield. This area is also populated by Nendoroid Petit figures (Which I will use to liven up those boring AI Mechs from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker). 

For now, I have no idea where I'd place the second volume of Final Fantasy XIII and Odin.

Oerba Dia Vanille's Ice Cream is from Disney's Mogu Mogu Oyatsu no. 6 (by Re-Ment)

Level Three - Section B

Sheva Alomar and some Play Arts Kai and Figma depicting Gangan Series.

My extra Winry's do-rag has been painted with "Brotherhood Green" color.

Level Four - Section A

Final Fantasy X, XII and a guy tinkering on his cellphone while riding his motorbike. XD

Please don't mind the mini-booze and the mini-drunkard standing on top of it. XDDD

My favorite Final Fantasy dude puts two guns on!!

Level Four - Section B

Judge Gabranth lays the judgment on those frequently E-bay abused Final Fantasy X-2 "rarities." Along with them are the Final Fantasy VIII figures and Star Ocean IV's SRF representatives.

Paine gets two little bodyguards as a recognition for her being my first Play Arts Action Figure.