Thursday, 26 August 2010

Eggplant Horse

The Eggplant Horse 茄子の馬 (Nasu no Uma) is perhaps best known as an icon for Kamui Gakupo (the Gackt Vocaloid) in his popular video "Dancing Samurai."

However, in actuality, the Eggplant Horse (and Corn Hair) is every kid's favorite craft during a happier August Halloween in Japan.

Today, we will make a mini Eggplant Horse.

What we need is first and foremost; a tiny eggplant.

It can be anything. Here, I made use of an Iwako Eraser.
Secondly, four toothpicks or anything you want to use to skewer your poor Eggplant.
Third, compass or divider or any poking device which you can use to poke-in the preliminary holes in the eggplant.

We also need a reference image for the Eggplant Horse.
Next is you carefully plan where you'd like to bore holes into the Eggplant for the legs.
Use the Compass or divider for this.

Next requires minimum amount of force as you'd cut off the toothpicks in half and would drive in their pointy sides into the preliminary holes you made earlier.

After that, you have yourself a squeaky little Gakupo spawn! X3

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