Saturday, 18 September 2010

Product Review: Pilot Twin Marker Set

For about three years; I had been a perfect idiot who wasted my money on Gunze Sangyo's Gundam Markers that costs $3 each. The said markers have extra fine tip which are perfect for robot panel lines.

However, in actuality; there's a much more inexpensive alternative that comes in the form of twelve assorted colors; all for less than $10.

It's called Pilot Twin Marker. Like the Gunze Sangyo Gundam Markers; these are Made in Japan and of extremely high quality.

Each marker has a Fine Tip and Extra Fine Tip; the latter being perfect for placing Panel Lines on Mechs. The set comes in brown, red, pink, orange, ochre, yellow, lime, green, sky blue, blue, purple and black colors. I wish they just replaced the ochre one with gray but oh well. :/

The downside to this is that the Twin Marker set is of rarity in the Philippines. I only got one in a book fair which my mother brought me to last Thursday. Also you cannot buy the other colors, other than black, separately.

The black one alone costs $1.50 in a local bookstore. That which I found out yesterday. But still manageable nonetheless. :)

If you like painting your mechs and touching up figures; I suggest you stop giving Bandai and Gunze Sangyo your money and bring in the dough for Pilot.

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