Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Book Review: Give the Bitch her Chocolate

Sarcasm. Now served all day.

WARNING: Swearing abound. Strictly PG-13!

Give the Bitch her Chocolate: The Feisty Foodie Edition
Ed Polish and Darren Wotz
The Speed Press
Humor / Gift
First Edition Printing
Easel Back, Coffee Table Book, Spiral-Bound
(not counting the cover) 150, full-color.
1-58008-974-7 (978-1-58008-974-6: alk paper)
(c) Ephemeria Inc. 2009

For the purpose of this review, I will choose only the pages which I like the most since I have copyright laws to abide to.

For 99 pesos (2 USD) in National Bookstore, you get a coffee table book that combines the best of both worlds:

Food and LULZ.

Epic LULZ.

This "book" entitled "Give the Bitch her Chocolate;" tickles our food and drink-obsessed funny bones.

71 Epic quotes about gastronomical lulz and 73 beautifully-colored backgrounds which you can write on if you want.

The illustrations in the "book" are traditional American homes that look nostalgic, glamorous and well, funny.

Sure, it's not anime (mind you, Otakus out there!), but everything in the "book" makes up for it.

For the value and presentation as well as all aspects, I'd give this "book" a perfect ten.

What are you waiting for? Get one now! Eat. Drink. Bitch!! XDDD

According to the Publisher, "In the fifth installment of the best-selling BITCH series, each exuberantly vulgar dictum dishes on the delights of chocolate, coffee, and other intoxicating comestibles, and is thoughtfully paired with a fine vintage illustration."

Oh damn, I want the other four books. XD

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