Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sengoku Basara Ni Episode 3

Ore wa Muteki! Keiji pwnz his uncle at Tetorigawa!

Well, look who's back for some epic lulz?


Keiji rushes to stop his family from PWNING Uesugi.

While Sengoku Zidane is showing-off.

Kasuga: Their gunners are no match for my "guns."

Kasuga really puts the Ecchi on Echigo.

Don't mess with the Barbarian dude and his Yamato Nadeshiko wife.

Keiji and Yumekichi: WTF?!

Keiji: Hey guys, look! I have a big sword! Bigger than Sephiroth's!

That's Toshiie's way of saying "STFU!"

Kasuga: This battle will not bring you any fanservice!

What's with the monkey's facial expression? Where is he looking at? XDD

Nice Omamori tho.

The Uesugi Army has the best uniform ever! XDD


Kenshin: Only glorious Ecchi can stain the fields of battle of my beloved land.

Kenshin: Gackt will pwn your land.

Toshiie: WTF?! Gackt will be in Kaga? Let's hurry back and get his autograph!

Kenshin: Gackt's concert in Kaga is Toyotomi's reward...for your trespassing here.

Kenshin: Your scouts are already enjoying his YFC tour.

Toshiie: I also wear a thong and a codpiece in the name of Kuja-dono!

Toshiie: ...and for greater justice!

Matsu: Leave this to me! I'll provide him with fanservice!

(Of course, the obviously jealous husband's reaction)

Kenshin: I don't think you can give me enough fanservice, madam.

Matsu: Trying won't hurt!

Matsu: Hurry up or you'll miss Gackt's concert!

Toshiie: What the heck? It rained suddenly?!

Toshiie: PUT THE GUNZ ON!!
Army: YEAH!!

Naoe Kanetsugu...


...oh wait, PWNED? XD

Sengoku's epic ROTFLCOPTER.

Look at that geyser. Too suggestive. But then again, this is Ecchigo! XD

Matsu: I was unable to say "Tobe! Taromaru!" because of that stupid Rotflcopter!!

Toshiie: Hey, reinforcements!
Matsu: I don't think so.

Keiji: Kanetsugu's epic lulz is done. Now for my own NEET show!

Toshiie: I'm gonna PWN you too!

Keiji: Feels like Tidus vs Jecht, huh? Toshiie.

Toshiie: Sengoku Lulz is a serious business, just like the interwebz!

*skips the epic GAR and pwnage*

Matsu: Stop fighting over me!

Matsu: *ignored*

Toshiie: I am Hideyoshi's Shokanjuu! Under his rule, we'll all get TRAP fanservice!

Not wearing any armor isn't such a good idea. Strike one.

Strike two.

Toshiie: When I was a Shouta. I didn't looked like a barbarian!

GAR battle. Ruined by some feminine song in the background. -_-;

Hideyoshi: I do not play Love Plus. Sorry Nene.

Matsu: Indeed! Real men use pink!

Keiji: Sorry but even if I use pink, I'm the more GAR dude around here!

Matsu: I'm still here, waiting to be PWNED!

The monkey is still alive, yes. How ironic indeed.

Matsu: We didn't made it to the concert!

*Obligatory Date scene*

...and Obligatory Engrish Fanservice: "Wake up."

...and another: "Wake up guys!"

...and one more!!: "Alright!"

Masamune: We eventually PWNED those Ashina punks.

LEET dude: Damn it. Hittou was yaoi'd by Kuja!

Masamune: Don't worry, we're gonna PWN him too!

Masamune: You gotta love my army. Cromartie Rejects FTW!

Date Army: WTF?!

Date Army: It's Baka to Test to King Kong~!!

Date Army: He's gonna PWN us all!!

Masamune: I'm gonna say his name just for the heck of it.

Masamune: I see. You wanna be PWNED right here.

"So easy!"

Masamune: Not a single one can put up to my epic Engrish!

Hideyoshi: My name is not a denotation for the third sex!!

Hideyoshi: Your sword, my fists. Let's make epic Yaoi doujin!!

Azure Dragonxxors!!

OH YEAAAAAH!! (Note: It was hard to time this shot)


Meanwhile, Yukimura found a new Uke.

Oyamada: Where shall we do it, Yukimura-dono?

Yukimura: Yes, let's...Yaranaika!

Oyamada: They gather in one place and be PWNED by Kuja.

Oyamada: According to Sasuke, Gaara does the same thing.

Yukimura: WTF?! That voice...!!

Yukimura: Someone sent me to the Hell's Correspondence!!

Yukimura: I don't wanna go to hell yet!!

"Next time, I'll flirt with Yukimura. Teehee!"

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