Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Sengoku Basara Ni Episode 2

"The Lost Right Eye and the Gashed Dragon's Back!"

To put it simply, this episode is full of Hanbei, Kasuga and Engrish fanservice.

Yeah, that.

Continuing from that nighttime scene in Episode 1...

Hanbei persuades...rather, flirts with Kojuuro to join the ranks of Toyotomi.

But Kojuuro insists that he won't commit infidelity with the Dokuganryu.

So he got the hard end of the beating.

...and the fangasm-inducing look of Hanbei saying "I want you that badly" XD

"They don't call me Kuja of the Warring States for nothing!"

After Hanbei got his way with Sephikura Kojuroth, the scene cuts to Yonezawa castle.

With the LEET dudes of the Date-gun coming in with some bad news. Masamune's reaction?

Engrish Fanservice 1: "Shit!"

So he sent everyone off before realizing ~

Engrish Fanservice 2: "Good Courage!"

He looks at Kojuuro's sword and says ~

Engrish Fanservice 3: "Party..."

The scene cuts to ECCHIgo's beautiful scenery ~

"You can do everything, can't you? Even provide us with good fanservice!"

"...must be adept at all including Ecchiness."

After that, Kenshin lets out a few minutes of fangasm-inducing flattery.

(No wonder back in the days of Devil Kings, I refer to them as "Frosty" and "Prosti.") XD

...that eventually made Kasuga do THAT again.

(I'd do the same as her...but for Hanbei-sama. :3 )

Kasuga's fangasming is over and Keiji is like WTF (including the monkey!). XD

Keiji's appropriate reaction. XD

"I just don't have any other words...except for epic innuendo."

After Keiji tells Kasuga about his aspiration of the world being happy under fangasming,

The scene cuts to the flashback of Keiji persuading Motochika to join against Oda.

...and back to Kenshin saying that the Maeda will face his army so Keiji, get lost for now.

Kawaii monkey tho.

After the peaceful scene of Echigo comes chaos.

Date-gun versus Sengoku-Kuja.


Masamune then gets some lecturing from Hanbei about this and that.

(I really didn't care because those lips are too kissable to be ignored. X3)

Masamune doesn't like being lectured, especially by Kuja in pants so...

Engrish Fanservice 4: Be right there!

Hanbei: Say wut?

Hanbei: Ah, okay. So you want me to go badass with my whip sword? :3

Soldiers: Flying Hanbei!! 0___0

Hanbei makes a beautiful landing before PWNING Masamune.

Motonari: You are SO blocking the Sun's magnificence!!

Hanbei: You're gonna be brokeback.

Masamune = PWNED.

Hanbei: So, can we expect Yaoi doujinshi of ourselves after this? :3

Hanbei: Katakura-kun is usually your Seme, right?

Hanbei: I'll make him my Uke this time.
(@Hanbei - Nice ass, btw. XDD)

Masamune didn't like the idea so he makes one last move ~

Engrish Fanservice 5: War Dance!!

Beautiful when angry.

The dominatrix makes his escape and so Masamune got even more pissed...

Engrish Fanservice 6: Damn it!

After that, Masamune took out his anger on the remaining forces of Ashina.

Engrish Fanservice 7: Come on! It's not over yet!


Obligatory scene of the Tigers of Kai follows.

As usual, the introductory is "Oyakata-sama I blah blah blah~"

Sasuke arrives and informs them that ~

"Dokuganryu has been PWNED by Ashina."

"WTF?! He got PWNED?!"

For him to comment like that, Takeda's been watching Baka To Test to Shokanju.

Yukimura departs and promises to himself that he and Masamune would break their backs again someday.

"...For now, I shall become Oyakata-sama's Uke."

Sasuke feels fatigued.

The final scene shows the beautiful castle of Osaka.

World Map...

LOL I can't see the Philippines anywhere.

Map of Japan and lots of Geeky stuff.

Beautiful man stargazing at an equally-beautiful horizon.

GAAAAAH Eyesore has arrived!

It's Baka to Test to King Kong!! 0___0

"I see that you have found yourself a new Uke."

*ignores Hideyoshi and looks at Hanbei* Mmm~Nice ass. :3

Hanbei tells his plans to Hideyoshi.

It cuts to a vision of the Maeda on their way to Echigo.

Afterwards, Hideyoshi worries about Hanbei and sends him to rest.

Ah, too bad. We didn't got to see some epic coughing yet in this episode.

*roll ending song and a glimpse of the next episode*

Keiji vs his uncle.

...and some obligatory advertisements.

"Devil Kings Pizza!!"

Again? :/

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