Saturday, 17 July 2010

From Cheshire with Lulz

One of the most priceless faces in the world of Disney belongs to Cheshire Cat, the curious cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Disney-tributing companies such as Re-Ment and Yujin had made several incarnations of him from character mascots to food items.

Opening the box, we get ourselves one of the eight possibilities of the set and a pamphlet.

In that particular box, we got the Cheshire Cake Roll (or "Roll Cake" as the box says so).

The priceless facial expression of the cake alone, is enough to make me cave in for this.

This dainty cafe set is assembled, inclusive of, other Re-Ment pieces such as from the Ganso sets and an Iwako tray.

This particular Mascot figure is 2 inches tall (from the end of Cheshire's tail to the base of the cake) and the cake itself is 1 inch in diameter.

The scale is therefore suitable with Play Arts Kai and other large-scale action figures.

...and speaking of Play Arts Kai ~


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